Last week we ran an App Attack! event at work. It was a 24 hour marathon to come up with a design proposal for a mobile app and a two minute presentation to pitch it. My team came up with two ideas and, of the 73 submitted, both of them passed to the second and final round. We face 11 other entries. Now begins a 48 hour marathon to refine our vision, put together a navigational prototype, a five minute presentation for senior management (like the CEO), and a Customer Journey. Not quite sure what that last one is, but I’m about to find out. Stay tuned.


Dinner at Fulton’s On the River with Deb and christine was excellent. Shopping at water Tower less so.

On doing a little research today I found that enabling the JIT Compiler has caused random reboots for others. I had enabled that earlier today. I’ve now disabled (after about six reboots). let’s see if that creates some stability. On the positive side, overclocking at 1100 Hz makes reboots pretty fast.

While JRummy v0.7 does seem more stable since I reinstalled with a Wipe Cache/Data, I am still experiencing odd reboots – while browsing web, while changing settings. It’s happened about three times today. I may have to revert to stock 2.1.

A couple of weeks ago I took the plunge, rooting my 2.1 Droid following instructions posted at and then installing JRummy Remix V0.5 based on Cyanogen Mod It worked fine, but then I wanted to migrate to JRummy Remix V0.7 (based on Cyanogen Mod That didn’t work so well. The phone started rebooting randomly and increasingly often as the days went by. Last night I uninstalled some apps that were repeatedly crashing or that I wasn’t using (SportsTap, ShootMe) and then reinstalled the custom ROM – but this time I wiped cache and data first. Things seem to have stabilized since then.

Lesson Learned: Wipe data and cache before upgrading a ROM.

Question to Answer: How best to back up settings so I don’t have to re-enter them? Android does a great job of re-installing all of the apps I’ve downloaded from the Android Market, but re-entering all of my settings is a pain. Some apps let me back up settings (like Setting Profiles), but most do not. Is this something Titanium can help me with?

Setting up Eclipse with the Android SDK. Going to try a little hacking today. Maybe a Disc Golf Scorecard app?

I’ve got Android Cupcake (1.5) up and running on my old Samsung Omnia. This device may be useful for something.