January 2011

Found some background on just what a customer journey map is. Need to find somebody on the team who feels they can lead this effort. Since we have two apps, I want one for each team. I’ll bet Ben and Cathy, or maybe Connor, will be really good at this.  I’ve also roughed out a project plan. Hoping Tim or Connor can help timebox or work to make sure we get done by 3 am Wednesday morning. Next big decision: should we use MockApp or Balsamiq for our navigational prototype. I’m leaning towards the former, but need to research it a bit more.


Last week we ran an App Attack! event at work. It was a 24 hour marathon to come up with a design proposal for a mobile app and a two minute presentation to pitch it. My team came up with two ideas and, of the 73 submitted, both of them passed to the second and final round. We face 11 other entries. Now begins a 48 hour marathon to refine our vision, put together a navigational prototype, a five minute presentation for senior management (like the CEO), and a Customer Journey. Not quite sure what that last one is, but I’m about to find out. Stay tuned.