I’ve been using del.icio.us for a few months now, but yesterday some of the real power of tagging started to dawn on me. First was the realization that all of the bookmarking I do in FireFox is nothing more than trying to create a taxonomy. There is nothing wrong with taxonomies, but they are terribly difficult to build and maintain. I have long since passed the point where it was easy to determine where in the taxonomy to place a new link. As a result, I have a mess that I try to reorganize every few months. Without really thinking about it, I’ve started using del.icio.us as a replacement for bookmarking. I may not remember where I bookmarked a site, but I likely do remember one of the tags I used for it. It would be interesting to pull those del.icio.us tags into the browser so I could use them as quick links. I think I’ve heard that flock is doing something along these lines.

A second slick use of del.icio.us is subscribing to my own feed of tags, as well as those generated by others with whom I share an interest. I often want to write something about a site that I tag, but going through the process of tagging at del.icio.us and then separately creating a post is a bit cumbersome. Having the tag info show up in my news aggregator makes it easy to follow up with a blog post at a more convenient time and in a more expedient way.